A short film shot at Black August in the Park in Durham, NC. During my brief visit I wanted to capture the beauty of Black and Brown people in motion.

Black August in the Park is an annual event hosted by the collective of the same name. Black August in the Park is reminiscent of a Black family reunion or a homecoming, with an additional emphasis on providing a platform for, and elevating the causes of social justice organizations.


The 1st of a series of short films shot in collaboration with Spike Lee + Moleskin.

Promotional film and music for Democracy NC.

A short teaser film for my friend Zo!'s lead single, from his forthcoming album,"FourFront". featuring the talented and beautiful Zoya. https://zo3hree5ive.com/ http://www.zoyayaseka.com/

Commissioned by First Citizens Bank in collaboration with Maya Freelon to capture the process of her permanent installation on location.

Creative duo Unique Batool. Filmed in Brookly, NY

Filmed and directed by Chris Charles "Gifted People" - Preach Jacobs & Tall Black Guy Sounds Familar Records/Mo' Betta Soul https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gifted-people-single/1448515122

Directed, filmed and edited by Chris Charles. Shout out to actor Omar Dorsey for the cameo.

Javan and Rebekah's Charlotte, NC wedding trailer. DP+Editing: Chris Charles

“a Cuban in Jamaica”

Shot on location in Jamaica.

short film feat. Zoya.

short moving portrait fear. Barbara.