Don't Wait Till It's Cool - NC Hip Hop Photography

Thanks to the creative minds of NC Always, I had the priviledge of participating in a photography exhibit which showcased the work of several photographers who've captured and helped document the North Carolina Hip Hop scene for the past several years. The underlying theme of inclusion, which is important considering the lack of access or resources in local rural communities, specifically resonates with me as we all know there is so much undiscovered talent with no access to opportunities like this.

NC Always has a mission to develop creative gathering spaces with the purpose of exposing individuals to the Arts and Culture of North Carolina. We specialize in African-American Community Outreach, Rural Arts Access, and Millennial engagement. Our vision with every event is to create an inter-generational experience where individuals feel free, open, comfortable, and connected!

Adding to the brilliance of this exhibit is a playlist featuring the artists whose photos are featured in the exhibit, along with a numbered list connecting the photographers, artists and tracks...

It was such a pleasure connecting with fellow artists, curators and fans as we celebrated the arts and Hip Hop culture. Below are some photos captured from the 2 part exhibit (Charlotte, Durham).

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